Great Commission Fund

The GFC (Great Commission Fund) is intended to provide a meaningful opportunity for members and friends to share what God has  entrusted to their care for the enhancement and development of Jesus' continuing ministry through our church. In addition to ongoing ministry, our GFC may provide for the ongoing maintenance ofour building and property. We will find great joy in the active planning, giving, reporting and celebrating of our Christian faith upon the charge that Jesus gave us in the Great Commission.

The GFC incorporates three different funds:


The ultimate goal of the Ministry Enhancement Fund is to be a permanent fund with the income allocated for non-operating expenditures. Except for unusual or emergency situations,  the fund should be available for planned programs that are used for the glory of God. These programs will be directed toward the enhancement and development of our ministry through worship, fellowship, education, mission, and evangelism.


The Trustees will develop and maintain an annual updated twenty-year projection of building and property needs. GThe goal is to build a permanent fund to provide income to pay for maintenance and enhancement needs. The needs include, but are not limited to, the repair and/or replacement of: boiler, roof, organ, restrooms, exterior brick, windows, landscaping, etc. This fund can be used for the development and enhancement of the facilities.


Donors are encouraged to place their gifts in the Ministry Enhancement Fund or the Building and Property Fund. A donor may wish to make a restricted gift. In the event of a restricted gift, the donor will be asked to sign a document which indicates the understanding that his/her restricted gift might at some time need to become unrestricted when the original purpose no longer exists or there is a conflict with church policies and/or mission. Every effort will be made to find a use for the gift that is a similar as posssible to the original intent.

  May 2021  
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